Must WOW Fans Be Worried About the Lack Of Leaks?

With regards to the world wide web, there is normally a single certainty: points will likely be leaked. Often it was accidental that somebody had a note of what had not been revealed however, spreading like wildfire. This takes place in our The Final of Us two, Destiny 2, and so on. Despite the fact that the players admitted that the leaks may very well be negative, in addition they will help ease the tension waiting for news on issues. For World of Warcraft though, some individuals feel that the lack of leaks about a possible new expansion is extremely worrying.

The idea comes from Redditor Lynchy, who believes that the lack of leakage and information in regards to the next expansion of World of Warcraft is downright disturbing, saying that “Come on, a single week to go and no more news? Jeez by this time in previous expansion cycles we knew all the things!”

Soon after “one week”, he’s referencing BlizzCon, the main Blizzard occasion exactly where fans want to study much more about the numerous Blizzard titles. And lots of people think that it will be the location exactly where Blizzard reveals the subsequent expansion for the game.

It should be noted that these ideas are usually not arrogant. The newest expansion for Globe of Warcraft, Legion, has been on for some time now, and while Blizzard has been adding new content and such for it, it seems to be winding down. As a result, it truly is the very best time to start speculation for the announcement on the new expansion. It is not a stretch to say that new expansions drive in players to World of Warcraft, and without the expansions, the game will not be able to maintain its position as just about the most well-known MMORPGs in the marketplace.

So why are there no leaks? Properly, it may be that Blizzard is being quite careful with details with regards to the potential expansion. The leaks are hated by the developers because it destroies a number of the surprises for the game. So, perhaps they are very tight-lipped in order that they can be definitely wow people. Guess we’ll need to wait and see.