9 Callbacks Final Fantasy Fans May possibly Notice in Final Fantasy XIV

With Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1 now live and inside the hands of players, gamers are acquiring the chance to return for the world of Ivalice. It is a very good possibility to remind existing players and those which might be new for the game that regardless of FFXIV Gil getting a MMORPG, the game incorporates all of the elements that the series is known for. In truth, in several circumstances Final Fantasy XIV pays homage to the past with references and places straight from Final Fantasy lore. A number of they are pretty clear in their inclusion within a Final Fantasy game, but there are a number of you might not comprehend make an appearance.

To discover far more about what goes into like these elements within a new Final Fantasy game, we have been able to obtain quotes from Final Fantasy lore developers Koji Fox and Banri Oda about various unique elements inside Final Fantasy XIV. In the Gold Saucer to primals, listed here are the nine nods towards the previous found inside the game:

For all those curious about Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1, it introduces new most important scenario quests, 24-Player alliance raids, a brand new high-level dungeon, new side quests, housing areas, and custom deliveries. This can be a enormous update that will bring hours upon hours of new content material to existing and returning players.

Had been there any references right here that you just could have missed inside your time with Final Fantasy XIV? Have you had a likelihood to try out 4.1 and if that’s the case, what do you think of Ivalice?