An additional Final Fantasy XIV Player Housing Nightmare

The update 4.1 to Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood introduced new player housing inside the scenic, Far Eastern-themed district of Shirogane. The Servers went on the net at 6 am and place 720 new housing plots in the marketplace. The choicest areas have been gone ahead of numerous players could even clear the login queue.

So as to get one particular in the new housing plots, players have to be rapid. Grabbing 1 requires producing their way as quickly as you possibly can towards the region their preferred plot islocated in and staking a claim before any one else. A valuable tip circulating for players hoping to score a household this morning involves setting their character to busy, so other players can not try to interrupt the buy FFXIV Gil by opening a trading window. This can be a cutthroat game that is over in a flash.

The login queues didn’t assistance. For any common MMO, the launch of a new update is often a busy period, as well as the 4.1 “The Legend Returns” update is extremely big. In line with the reports gathered in game and within the Final Fantasy XIV forums, lots of players who had been ready for today’s land rush found them stuck in login queues, their hopes of a new household ticking away with each and every passing minute.

The housing technique of Final Fantasy XIV is notoriously terrible. Exactly where other games allow players to carve out a private space for themselves or their guilds as they see fit, Square Enix’s MMOs will maintain available housing limited. Untill today’s patch, there are actually three housing areas in each server. Every housing location has 12 wards, with 60 plots of unique size in every. For players and absolutely free providers (guilds), that may be 2,160 spots. This is not a great deal of space when taking into account players who prefer to horde housing or free companies attempting to buy Cheap FFXIV Gil up plots en masse.

Adding 720 extra plots per server will not help a lot, specially after they are fresh and new and oh-so-pretty. The forums and Reddit are filled with nightmare stories about today’s chaotic land grab. This is the worst aspect of an incredibly very good patch. This can be the complete expertise. Players are speaking about canceling their accounts. My free of charge company leader pointed out that someone the Shirogane area’s name be changed to “Shiogane” (“shio” is Japanese for salt.)

To be sure, it’s a rough technique. And it has been extremely rough for years. When housing was introduced in Final Fantasy XIV back in 2011, I was excited concerning the idea of owning my own tiny home and decorating it with a range of virtual FF things. Then I saw the exorbitant prices for player houses and also the somewhat slim likelihood of really acquiring 1, and I gave up. I am a bold adventurer. I’ve conquered gods, demons and kings and averted world-ending catastrophe on various occasions. My home is wherever my sword or fishing rod requires me.

Seriously say, please repair this, Square Enix. I’m fine with anything. Create us a Final Fantasy-flavored slum and i will live beneath a box, provided that I do not need to fight for it.