Final Fantasy XIV: The Legend Returns Information and Screenshots Revealed

Square Enix has revealed the information of the upcoming update to its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV(buy FFXIV Gil). The developer has revealed new images from the patch at this year’s Tokyo Game Show along facts for its upcoming shooter game.

Created with Final Fantasy Techniques and Final Fantasy XII’s Yasumi Matsuno too as Moon Over Tao and Zeram’s Keita Amemiya, The Legend Returns is anticipated to become certainly one of one of the most thrilling updates towards the game.

For all those who weren’t capable to catch the livestream on the event, The Legend Returns, also called patch 4.1, will add a considerable amount of new content material to the game upon release.

As outlined by a new preview web site that was place up ahead with the patch’s October release, these include a new Main Scenario and Side Quests – like the return of Hildibrand at the same time as a new Alliance Raid – Return to Ivalice. An Extreme version of the Most important Story boss may also be added and an ultimate difficulty for The Unending Coil of Bahamut.

A new PvP content material will also debut together with the patch in the form of Rival Wings 24 vs 24. A slew of new maps and new missions will also make its technique to the game upon the patch’s release.

The patch will also add a relocation feature, permitting players to move their existing constructing to a brand new region. A storage solution will also be added, providing players the FFXIV Gil capability to clean up the clutter in their inventory by stowing away their things.

In other news, Square Enix also unveiled a new game through TGS 2017. An intriguing new survival action shooter named Left Alive, was showcased throughout the occasion and was arguably the largest reveal during Sony’s TGS press conference. There is certainly at present small detail concerning the game despite the fact that it can be expected to arrive next year.

For now, gamers can appear forward to Final Fantasy XIV: The Legend Returns update.