World of Warcraft 8.0 Appears On Beta Servers, Suggesting New Expansion

World of Warcraft is actually a game of ebbs and flows. MMORPG’s longevity has created it in order that the player base numbers frequently fluctuate, with some veterans returning to get wow gold a couple of months in the beginning of every single new expansion just before taking a lengthy break till the following one particular on account of genuine life demands. Despite the fact that it feels like that the World of Warcraft: Legion launched just short time ago, in reality, really the expansion has been out for greater than a year, and now it seems that Blizzard is currently preparing for the next expansion of World of Warcraft.

Quite a few World of Warcraft fans noticed an anomaly yesterday, even though working with an internet resources to track the patch quantity of Blizzard’s beta servers, it appears that Blizzard is closer to a brand new expansion than the fans may well have previously believed. The beta servers displayed implementation of a Patch 8.0 briefly yesterday just ahead of Blizzard noticed and changed its designation, but not before some eagle-eyed redditors, like tiwuno, managed to grab a screenshot.

For those who are not familiar with how patch designations function in World of Warcraft, the number prior to the decimal generally indicates a massive content updates, ordinarily reserved for expansions. Any patch using a 7 prior to the decimal applies to Legion, and these using a 6 in front would have denoted Warlords of Draenor. The emergence of 8.0 seems to indicate that Blizzard is prepared to begin testing a brand new expansion, which would be in line with some teases from World of Warcraft developers lately.

Although the patch quantity seems on the servers at a distinctive time can be very easily regarded as an error, nevertheless, Blizzard is presently gearing up for BlizzCon 2017, its annual game conference that is frequently the internet site of a number of exciting announcements each year. Now that the 8.0 patch has been revealed, it would not be surprising to find out BlizzCon announce a new World of Warcraft expansion through BlizzCon. We already know that Blizzard plans to publish a World of Warcraft announcement at BlizzCon, so an expansion will be of terrific significance.

Frequently speaking, it has been a sturdy year for Blizzard games, with Overwatch acquiring greater than 35 million players worldwide lately – could it currently be time for you to buy wow gold place the spotlight back on World of Warcraft, just over a year soon after the launch with the immensely well-liked Legion expansion? All of the indicators show yes, but we’ll learn one particular way or a further, when BlizzCon 2017 rolls about in just some weeks time.