Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch will seemingly tackle the world of Final Fantasy Tactics

Return to Ivalice

We’ve known that the “Return to Ivalice” 24-person raid was coming to Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV Gil). Because the announcement on the folks happen to be speculating as to what games are going to be included in that celebration from the Ivalice universe, and to be sincere, because the XII remaster was unveiled ages ago, I form of just assumed it would cope with that aspect of it. But since it turns out based on a recent producer Liveletter presentation, it really is going to be Techniques related.

For the duration of the stream producer Naoki Yoshida unveiled the important art for the first of three wings, “The Legend Returns,” and it prominently showcases Ramza and Delita from Final Fantasy Techniques. Yasumi Matsuno, the “Father of Ivalice,” who directed and wrote Techniques, are going to be writing the situation for The Legend Returns. All of this will likely be coming in patch 4.1, that is now confirmed for “early October.”

For all those who are unaware, 24-person raids are a semi-casual element of XIV that involve three parties, eight members in each, that enable you to earn a single piece of gear per week (until a later date when the gear lock is removed). Preceding 24-person raids have paid homage to quite a few games inside the series, like a complete trio in the Crystal Palace, and implement several cameos like Ozma from Final Fantasy IX.

Now there is a possibility that Square could easily use motifs from XII and Vagrant Story inside the subsequent two wings. But for now, we can buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil revel inside the return of Techniques – a series that’s popped up however once more not too long ago with Ramza’s look in Dissidia.