Kyrie Irving Celtics trade means NBA 2K18 may have to adjust cover

Even though fans in Boston and Cleveland are excited about the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade, the creators of NBA 2K18 probably usually are not.

Irving is definitely the cover athlete for this year’s game, which can be due out on Sept.19. The cover shows Irving in a Cavaliers uniform going in to get a layup, but the image is no longer precise.

The NBA2K Twitter account tweeted “whoops” immediately after the trade went down, linking back to their tweet revealing Irving because the cover artist.

Fans in the game also got a very first look at what Thomas will look like within a Cavaliers jersey within the game.

The people today behind NBA 2K18 MT have some time to update the cover ahead of it hits shelves on Sept.19, but it really is unclear if they will or not.

This isn’t the first time one thing like this has occurred having a sports video game.

Madden 09 featured Brett Favre on the cover inside a Packers uniform following news of his retirement. Five days prior to the release with the game, Favre came out of retirement and signed using the Jets.

EA Sports created updated covers readily available on-line that gamers could print out at no cost to update their copies. Additionally they later released a cover of Favre in a Jets jersey in the Wii version with the game.