World of Warcraft Gold Is Worth Almost Twice Of Venezuela’s True Currency

Countries in financial recession or facing United Nations sanctions can occasionally see their currencies seriously underestimated within the international market place. But what will take place once they develop into significantly less useful than trivial on the net game tokens?

That is definitely what happened with Venezuela’s bolivar, which is currently worth much less than fake gold in Azeroth, the virtual planet in which the World of Warcraft game universe is set.

“KalebPrime”, a Twitter user who claims to be a Venezuelan citizen, pointed out earlier in July that the black market place worth in the bolivar (broadly regarded to be the favourite location for locals to exchange their currency) has been lower than the worth of Warcraft’s in-game gold.

Since then, the situation has deteriorated additional because the bolivar slipping to 12,197 per US dollar. Compare using the WoW token, the company’s official game currency which you can acquire for $ 20 in genuine money or using a fluctuating amount of in-game gold. As of Monday morning, one token costs 138,391 gold pieces, which suggests a single dollar is equivalent to 6919.55 in-game gold pieces.

Merely put, the value of Warcraft virtual currency is slightly reduced than half in the Venezuelan bolivar. That is unless you take into account the official government exchange rate, that is 9.99 bolivar to a single dollar, some thing locals stay clear of even though exchanging currency around the black market place may perhaps cause a jail sentence.

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