Ways to Defeat ‘Best Served With Cold Steel’ in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

The ‘Best Served With Cold Steel’ is one of the early MSQs you’ll get within the new Stormblood expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. Once you attain the acceptable level, you’ll be able to buy FFXIV Gil initiate the quest by speaking to Raubahn at Rhalgr’s Attain. Just follow the quest markers until you get the option to speak with Raubahn to begin an instanced battle. Please note that as we’re nevertheless within the early stages of your Stormblood’s launch period, the server is very crowded and may not be capable to enter the instance of your battle with no being directed towards the game. When this happens, give the game a number of minutes then attempt it once more.

The ‘Best Served with Cold Steel’ instanced battle itself is somewhat very simple. Concentrate on taking out the spider-like Slashers once they are produced. Once they fail, begin dealing damage towards the Magitek prototype. The new Slashers will generally appear. Anytime they appear, take them out and ignore the other thugs in the field. If your well being gets poor, go to Alisaie for healing. At the end of your first phase, the detonator will start to tether to you. Kite them away from your allies as they’ll explode, dealing a sizable level of damage.

In the second phase, the battle becomes a DPS game exactly where you have to get FFXIV Gil rid of the Magitek prior to its self-destruction. Make sure you use all your very best abilities and DoTs to kill it rapidly, and that’s all there is to it. ‘Best Served With Cold Steel’ is actually a reasonably uncomplicated instanced battle, only created tough by the capability to essentially initiate it on account of congested servers.

That is all what you’ll want to know to beat the ‘Best Served with Cold Steel’ MSQ in Stormblood. Make sure to verify http://www.igxe.com/FFXIV/cheap-FFXIV-Gil-FinalFantasyXIV.html for a lot more strategies, tricks and more facts about Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.