EA Sports releases first NHL 18 teaser trailer, and there is not considerably to acquire excited about

EA Sports released its 1st official glance at NHL 18 with its debut teaser trailer on Wednesday afternoon.

But these hoping to acquire a lot of NHL 18 Coins and substance out in the clip will most likely be disappointed.

The 25-second ad shows 1 lone highlight – a nifty deke and objective from 20-year-old Maple Leafs rookie Mitch Marner, and that’s it – at the very least until the full trailer is revealed in the NHL Awards in Las Vegas on June 21.

Naturally this can be a extremely early and very brief glimpse in the game, but let’s go ahead and overanalyze it a little, shall we?

Very first, Marner is shown chewing on his mouthguard, hanging halfway out of his mouth, as he’s been recognized to perform. It’s most likely safe to assume that can be included inside the game, meaning it is a brand new personalization function on the series. Neat. The series has included some elements of player personalization in current years (Ovechkin’s yellow laces, Kane’s ear guards, Kessel’s candy cane tape job) so hopefully there are actually far more compact details like Marner’s mouthguard that get incorporated this year. That could add some depth and realism for the series.

The second major takeaway – the one particular the brief trailer emphasizes most – would be the introduction of new skill moves and animations. The crafty stick function that Marner utilizes to have around a defender then beat the goaltender seem to be new towards the series. Which signifies fans might be in for any selection of new solutions to dangle and score – maybe even some sort of revamped ability stick.

That will be a much-needed addition to assist generate for a wider selection of highlight reel plays like the 1 shown in the trailer – although Marner and teammate James van Riemsdyk don’t seem to become especially enthused with the display.

As pointed out by the Leafs’ Matt Martin, there is a modest consistency problem with all the trailer. Marner’s stick tape adjustments from white to black within the middle of his dangle. Whoops!

Lastly, the trailer still makes use of the league’s present Reebok jerseys in lieu of providing a glimpse in the adidas ones that all 31 NHL teams will begin wearing starting subsequent season. These jerseys will likely be unveiled around the exact same as the complete trailer, so perhaps they will be integrated in that one particular too.

There is not a great deal else to take away from this tease of a teaser, but if you’d like to check out what I hope is incorporated inside the upcoming game, you could do that right here.