WOW:Hill Vanasse will go from here

Three sisters Windrunner, Sylvanas ranked second, sister disappeared in Alleria fires, Vereesa sister married Human Mage Rhonin. Sexy body, beautiful face, charming eyes, like a bow archery skills, have to say, Sylvanas is an excellent Ranger! When Arthas led the scourge to the attack of Silvermoon, Sylvanas also rose in revolt!

Sylvanas eventually led to the country joined the thrall led the tribe, are also considered a good choice. But the roar of the brain after taking office the undead have been great oppression and the Undercity is regulated kukalon. eventually, Sylvanas was also added to on brain injury roar of war and the White Tiger Temple is devoted to brain roar to kill, but regret is temperature sister RESA betrayed finally appeared. She is mourning extremely

Even as a tribal chief, but Hill vanasse’s fate is not. Everything is going smoothly. because of her lack of Xie Wendong, of course, this is not true.she will face the most difficult moments in life! This is not only a betrayal of Vereesa sister, die infertility after all the same fate deeply hurt her. On the other hand, it is said that when the queen is from the ancient god gurgling whisper, she has come to the fall of the edge! Of course, from the perspective of game player, perhaps no one really wants to see the mountains vanasse down, or become the boss, but in the storm Fjord, or see the Greek queen and a giantess. What evil ceremony. We think quietly.? the Greek queen, this time is more to decide on what path to follow is here: World of Warcraft data.

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