Guide to Garrison Followers in World of Warcraft 6.0: Abgal

Are you still worried about the number of garrison followers? WOW Garrison followers Abgal is located in Nagrand. It is definitely the best choice for you to choose this Garrison follower. This followers, which is at a pond of Nagrand coordinates (67, 55), looks like a follower that likes to go fishing. How can you get these followers? You need to help him find three props which are useful to fishing and then it will be your Garrison followers. To make your followers level up quickly, buying wow gold is a fast way.

Three props of World of Warcraft followers Abgal are “Abgal favorite bait,” “refined line of Abgaal wheel” “Abgal vitality.” First prop Abgal favorite bait is at bottom left in Nagrand map, coordinates (38, 49) on the water near the bridge. Players need to be careful to find it. It is relatively small and hides in the bushes. The second prop of world of Warcraft Followers Abgal is relatively easy to get. This props are at upper right of Nagrand map coordinates (85, 38). Moreover, under a big tree, players can find the missing reel. While the third props Abgal vitality is located in Nagrand Tara on the edge of the coordinates (65, 61).

After gaining all three props, you can go back and find world of Warcraft followers Abgal to complete the task. And then you can let NPC joined the ranks of your followers. Quality is random and the default is green.

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