FFXIV Players Should not Shed Hope on Ishgard Housing Just But

Shirogane, the lately revealed residential area announced in the Final Fantasy XIV Gil festival in Germany several weeks back, is beautiful. It characteristics lovely traditional Japanese inspired housing that’s certain to determine numerous players attempt to move in as quickly because it becomes offered.

That said, as players commence to prepare for Stormblood and move on from Heavensward, quite a few are nonetheless clamoring for the chance to move into Ishgard. Until Shirogane was revealed, it was assumed by lots of that Ishgard could be the location from the subsequent housing district. These residential places are exactly where players can obtain Totally free Business (which function equivalent to clans) homes and apartments. A Stormblood area obtaining the nod prior to Heavensward’s Ishgard produced it appear that the gothic inspired city may well happen to be having left behind.

Even so, speaking in an interview with Twinfinite, Director Naoki Yoshida wasn’t ready to shut the door on the possibility of Ishgard housing just but. Even though the focus right now is completely on Shirogane, there is certainly still hope for those that have been hunting forward to moving somewhere a bit chillier:

“All of our resources are focusing on Shirogane right now.” stated Yoshida when asked about irrespective of whether or not players should really ever expect residential housing in Ishgard. Even so he continued: “But that being said, following we’ve established Shirogane’s housing wards, we feel that possibility wise, instead of Ala Mihgo, perhaps Ishgard might be a greater consideration point. We’re hoping by then Ishgard will not be as frigid and cold.”

There you have it. The newest word on FFXIV housing. For the foreseeable future the cheap FFXIV Gil improvement team will likely be focused on Shirogane. Even so, Ishgard undoubtedly appears to become quite a great deal on the table nonetheless for exactly where they could go for a prospective fifth housing ward, despite at the very least then at that point, being a part of an older expansion.

Excited about Shirogane or are you currently disappointed that Heavensward’s premiere city continues to be around the back burner for now? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll be posting more from our interview with Naoki Yoshida more than the coming days, so “please look forward to it.”