black desert 1 anniversary update hanbok will join the Maritime War

Recently, South Korea pearlabyss R & D, kakaogames operation of the black desert released the first anniversary of the update, the game will be added to the new world in July 21st and the players have long awaited battle content.

It is reported that the upcoming battle called “sailing Prelude: Battle of the horse 6″, the player can ship construction and equipment accessories all ships to explore the ocean, of course, along with the addition of and large number of new sea monsters. Besides making boats, the game will also join the marine trade, undersea exploration, collection content

At present, Black Desert Power Leveling hanbok in December last year, the official beta, but in the last year in open test, just a year. In addition, this is still in March this year open service in Europe and America, and Taiwan also in the preparation of tension, there is no specific test message.